AirviewsAerial Photography

General Pricing

The largest cost within any aerial photography project is the aircraft flying time. Many aerial photography companies do not own their own aircraft and have to pay high leasing costs to other aircraft providers; a cost which they inevitably have to pass on to their customers. Airviews is able to utilise its own aircraft for the majority of its commissions and is therefore able to charge considerably lower prices than many of its competitors.

Charges are nevertheless related to the amount of flying time likely to be involved in any particular job. We estimate this and quote accordingly. This quote is then fixed and if the job requires more flying time than we estimated, the cost is borne by us and not the customer.

To provide a series of photographs (in digital format on a CD) of a single site according to your instructions will vary from £240 for a site which is reasonably close to our base and upwards from that price according to distance. The furthest locations in England will usually be done for under £600 and our average charge is around £350. Quoted prices are plus vat.

Are there any additional costs?

There are some circumstances which cause charges to be higher than normal. These are chiefly related to flight regulations which are imposed in some densely built up areas or air traffic regulations near major airports. These may necessitate the use of twin engined aircraft or the need to negotiate 'slot times' in advance of a flight and the extra flying time which operations in tightly controlled airspace may necessitate. Most jobs don't involve these extra charges but either way the price quoted for any job will always be fixed in advance.

Our quoted prices always include provision of images on CD. If photographic prints are required then we will quote additionally for these. The cost will depend upon the size and number of prints required.

How to lower costs

There are two ways to pay even less for sites to be photographed.

Multiple sites - If you need more than one site photographing and this can be done on the same flight and the locations are such that our flying time per site is reduced, then additional sites can be as low as 50% cheaper than the price quoted for one. These flights do not have to be for the same customer. We have often photographed different businesses in one town who have got together in order to share the price benefit gained from multiple site work.

Consolidated work - If you don't have a deadline for your work then you can save up to 40% of a quoted price by waiting for us to consolidate the job with others in the same area, which then saves us flying time. On this basis we guarantee to do the work within six months of order, though the time actually taken is very often less than this. The only catch is that consolidated orders have to be paid for in advance and cannot be cancelled.