AirviewsAerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Airviews can be commissioned to provide aerial photographs of virtually any location in the UK.

Most of our work is done from our own single engined Cessna or Piper aircraft. In some locations (Inner London for instance) regulations, or the general logistics of a job, require the use of twin engined aircraft or helicopters which we lease from known associates.

We can provide vertical or oblique photography. Most customers request oblique photography where the subject is taken from different angles.

All our photography is digital, unless otherwise requested, and our photographs are usually shot in high resolution (around 12mp per image). Whenever we provide images, either digitally or as photographic prints, we always retain digital copies so that replacements can be provided in the event of loss.

Quality / Weather / Timescales

We always aim to produce the best quality photographs possible. The number of our repeat customers testifies to our success here. The quality of aerial photographs is highly dependent upon the weather and bright, sunny conditions will usually give better results than dull or hazy ones.

We normally aim to complete a task within two weeks of your order but will always endeavour to meet urgent deadlines. If you have an urgent deadline which is likely to be outstripped by poor weather then we will discuss the quality options with you. We are virtually always able to produce photos whose features are clear and recognisable for use as working images for planning discussions etc. but which are not as effective as bright, sunny images if their purpose is for advertising or brochure publication. Either way you do not incur any costs if we are unable to meet a deadline.

Ground Photography and Portraiture

We will also, of course, provide ground photography of any site according to customer requirements. We would quote separately for this. For portraiture and advertising production we use an associate company RT Photos

How to order

Simply contact us by telephone or email and notify us of the general location of the site you wish us to photograph and the general nature of the job and any specific instructions that you may have. We will then provide a firm quotation for the cost of photographing the site and discuss how many different photographs you may need. Many jobs require a variety of photographs from different heights and angles and ones which show close ups of features and also shots which draw back to include the surroundings of a particular site.

If you are happy with the quote then we will require enough information for us to locate and identify the property accurately from the air. Sometimes a postcode or OS grid reference is sufficient. Sometimes we will require more precise information, such as a site plan, to enable identification. We will always do our best to make this process easy for you.


Unless otherwise agreed, We will normally retain the copyright of any photographs supplied on commission but will license the purchaser to use them for any purpose other than resale unless this is in a publication authored by the purchaser. Library photographs sold as prints may not be copied or otherwise resold.